programs written for use on hp35s

Jason Charalambdes


·    2 Node Beam Moment Distribution Method

·    Mohr’s circle

·    Reduction of Live Loads

·    Reduction of Snow Loads

·    Rigid Diaphragm Shear

·    Earthquake Base Shear Vct Spectral
·    Truss triangles (Solving using sine and cosine rules)


·    Retaining Wall Design Basics

·    Concrete Mixing Process

·    Deflection of a Cracked Reinforced Concrete Beam

·    Design of a Corbel

·    Design of an Eccentrically Loaded Unreinforced Masonry Wall (ASD)

·    Shear on Rigid Diaphragm

·    Required Area of Reinforcement for Eccentrically Loaded Column

·    Value of Required f’c (for ordering concrete)

·    Fineness Modulus of Aggregates


·    Block Shear  on a Bolted Element

·    Maximum Allowed Tensile Force on Bolted Connection

·    Maximum Allowable Compressive Force on Axially Loaded (Built or Rolled) Element  

·    Fillet Weld’s Nominal Load Capacity

·    Eccentrically Loaded Bolted or Welded Connection (Elastic Method)

·    Q value on Wide Flange Section


·    Compute Values for a Parabolic Vertical Curve

·    Compute Horizontal Curve Values given only 2 Parameters

·    Sight Distance & Acceleration

·    Clay Soil Settlement using Bousinesq method

·    Declining Balance OR Sum Of Year’s Digits Depreciation

·    Stochastic Project Scheduling Probability

·    3 Reservoir problem

·    3 Pipe system

·    TR55 Time of Concentration (Hydrology)

·    Hazen William Parallel/Serial system & Head Friction Loss

·    Hydraulic Radius & Flow

·    Flow Measurement (Orifice/Venturi)

·    Rational Method of Runoff calculation (Area in acres)

·    Intensity Duration Frequency Design Rainfall

·    Rainfall Excess & Volume of Direct Runoff

·    Analytical Solution for Estimating the Critical Maximum Reservoir Storage


·    HP 35s Extended User’s Manual

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·    Dr Hazeltton’s programs for Surveyors and Geomatics Engineers

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